How To Protect Your Tooth Enamel From Erosion

Teeth are made up of milk and that’s why we all say that they are white. One of this reasons is correct. But you need to know the anatomy of the teeth in order to protect them from being destroyed.

Do your teeth look white? How they are white? What makes them look white?

This article will particularly describes the properties of teeth while explaining the importance of protection of tooth enamel.

What is enamel of the teeth?

The enamel is the outer and the important cover of the teeth. It the vital veil on the teeth that protects from decaying and vulnerability towards sensitivity. People start using different techniques to whiten the teeth but you must know that the tooth enamel is irreplaceable. If it is damaged it cannot be recovered. It is highly recommended to protect the enamel of the teeth in order to avoid the difficult and painful dental treatments.

Treatments of damaged tooth enamel:

Tooth decay is a normal problem we all are facing today. The oily food, drinking and eating hot and cold together, eating too much sweets are some of the major drawbacks of today’s lifestyle. The dental associations are working for the protection of teeth. The orthodontist san jose also say that the patients with dental problems can also take care of their teeth enamel at home as well.

Tips to Protect the Tooth Enamel:

Oral hygiene is very important to maintain. The world is yours when you smile. There are few tips if you want to follow. You can and make a life better with better oral hygiene because if you have good oral hygiene that tells you that you have overall good health.

  • The kids today eat too much sweets, chocolate, cold drinks and junk food. You need to make your kids to eat healthy. Because sugary food and cold beverages are acidic in nature and acid is not good for your teeth, your stomach and overall health. You have to brush and floss your teeth properly if you are prone to such eating habits. These eating habits can damage your enamel along with the overall tooth health.
  • Drinking water is always beneficial for your skin, health and teeth. Water makes the mouth damp and circulating the saliva in a regular pace. When you have not eaten or drunk anything the mouth start stinking just because of the bacteria present in the oral cavity. So water will help the movement of bacteria regularly and doesn’t allow it to stick to your teeth to damage it.
  • Brush your teeth twice a day but remember if you want to brush your teeth after eating anything. You must have to wait for 30 minutes. Within those 30 minutes the enamel of the teeth becomes sensitive and may damage the enamel of the teeth.
  • Try to avoid more usage of acidic drinks and food. Acid is always dangerous and weaken the teeth. If you are not cleaning your oral cavity after consuming acidic food, your teeth become vulnerable to cavities and other gum diseases.
  • Toothpaste always plays a vital role in protecting your teeth against the germs. The medicated fluoride toothpastes are always helpful in fighting against the bad bacteria present in the mouth. The fluoride tooth pastes that are approved from American Dental association should be used to brush your teeth.
  • Night time brushing is also important. That’s the time when you have no such activity of oral cavity and bacteria can rest and reproduce more.