How To Protect Your Tooth Enamel From Erosion

Teeth are made up of milk and that’s why we all say that they are white. One of this reasons is correct. But you need to know the anatomy of the teeth in order to protect them from being destroyed.

Do your teeth look white? How they are white? What makes them look white?

This article will particularly describes the properties of teeth while explaining the importance of protection of tooth enamel.

What is enamel of the teeth?

The enamel is the outer and the important cover of the teeth. It the vital veil on the teeth that protects from decaying and vulnerability towards sensitivity. People start using different techniques to whiten the teeth but you must know that the tooth enamel is irreplaceable. If it is damaged it cannot be recovered. It is highly recommended to protect the enamel of the teeth in order to avoid the difficult and painful dental treatments.

Treatments of damaged tooth enamel:

Tooth decay is a normal problem we all are facing today. The oily food, drinking and eating hot and cold together, eating too much sweets are some of the major drawbacks of today’s lifestyle. The dental associations are working for the protection of teeth. The orthodontist san jose also say that the patients with dental problems can also take care of their teeth enamel at home as well.

Tips to Protect the Tooth Enamel:

Oral hygiene is very important to maintain. The world is yours when you smile. There are few tips if you want to follow. You can and make a life better with better oral hygiene because if you have good oral hygiene that tells you that you have overall good health.

  • The kids today eat too much sweets, chocolate, cold drinks and junk food. You need to make your kids to eat healthy. Because sugary food and cold beverages are acidic in nature and acid is not good for your teeth, your stomach and overall health. You have to brush and floss your teeth properly if you are prone to such eating habits. These eating habits can damage your enamel along with the overall tooth health.
  • Drinking water is always beneficial for your skin, health and teeth. Water makes the mouth damp and circulating the saliva in a regular pace. When you have not eaten or drunk anything the mouth start stinking just because of the bacteria present in the oral cavity. So water will help the movement of bacteria regularly and doesn’t allow it to stick to your teeth to damage it.
  • Brush your teeth twice a day but remember if you want to brush your teeth after eating anything. You must have to wait for 30 minutes. Within those 30 minutes the enamel of the teeth becomes sensitive and may damage the enamel of the teeth.
  • Try to avoid more usage of acidic drinks and food. Acid is always dangerous and weaken the teeth. If you are not cleaning your oral cavity after consuming acidic food, your teeth become vulnerable to cavities and other gum diseases.
  • Toothpaste always plays a vital role in protecting your teeth against the germs. The medicated fluoride toothpastes are always helpful in fighting against the bad bacteria present in the mouth. The fluoride tooth pastes that are approved from American Dental association should be used to brush your teeth.
  • Night time brushing is also important. That’s the time when you have no such activity of oral cavity and bacteria can rest and reproduce more.

Dental Erosion and What it is

For many of us, we don’t even think about how the foods that we eat affect our teeth. For example, as a child, you probably just ate whatever it was that you wanted, and you didn’t think too much on how it could affect everything.

You might not even do this for a while, until it starts to affect how sensitive your teeth are, such as in terms of hot and cold substances, and some foods might cause the feeling to become really bad. For example, if you like lemons, have them a lot when you’re young, it can actually cause the enamel to erode, and it will cause discoloration and remove teeth glossiness. However, the same thing happens if you eat other overly citrus fruits that are out there, such as oranges, limes, and even grapefruits. This is because of how acidic they are, and typically, if you have these, include water to wash away the citric acid that will remain on teeth.

If you like pickles, cranberries, tomato products such as hot sauce, ketchup, pasta sauce, and salsa, coffee, and wine, you probably will start to notice that you will have more dental sensitivity. This is because of dental erosion, and often, this is because these are highly acidic foods.

This also is the same with candies and various carb-rich foods. These will get on the teeth, and since they are sugary, the bacteria will eat at the enamel. As a child, they might not notice that this is harming the teeth, but as an adult, this can be a huge part of it, and it can be a means to produce cavities, and this is still a huge part of dental erosion as well.

Now, dental erosion is pretty simple to understand and it’s important that you know about this so that you can do something about it. Simply put, it’s when you have foods and drinks that are super acidic, and since they are acidic, they will wipe away the enamel of the teeth, becoming discolored, breakable, and they are super vulnerable to the breaking and chips. It also will demineralize the teeth, which is why they are sensitive to these hot and cold foods. You should try to watch out for this, since it also does cause dental decay on the teeth that you do have, and it is something worth watching out for.

Now, the way to reduce it, is to have those that are acidic to be served with those that aren’t super acidic. For example, if you do have a glass of wine, try to have some nuts, cheese, some veggies, various whole grains, fish, and lean meats, since they are super low in acid. They actually can remineralize the teeth and guard the tooth enamel as well, since this is a way to build up the teeth that you have as well.

Of course, you should also make sure that you have some water as well. If you can’t have any of the lean foods that will help lower the acid on this, at least have some water. This will wipe away some of the acid that is there, and it will prevent dental erosion from getting any worse than it actually is.

With all of this though, the best thing that you should do is go see the dentist. That really is the best thing for it to boil down to, and it will allow you to get the checkup that you need. The best part about this, is that they will tell you early on if you’ve got dental erosion, which if you do find out very early on, you can actually reverse it with remineralizing the teeth. You can do so by seeing your dentist  about this, and they will help you get the help that you need. They’ll be able to tell you about the actions that you must take, the way that you’ll be able to fix this, and how you can truly have the best smile that you can have. Acidic foods are a big part of our diet, and you should take the time to learn it.


Another Reason to not Skip Dental Visits

One of the reasons why you go to the dentist is to prevent tooth decay, but did you know that it can be used to detect certain other problems as well, including skin cancer? Well, you’re about to find out just how in the world it does this, and how seeing the dentist can actually help with this situation.

Now, skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the US, and it’s also the most curable and preventable one. You should definitely be watchful of this, and seeing your dentist will allow you to detect this form of cancer, and how to treat it.

Now, melanoma is the official name of it, and it’s a type of skin cancer, and one of the most serious. Many researchers are studying this as your read it, but they aren’t certain to the causes. But according to some studies, repeated exposure to the sun is a commonly associated factor. Now, even though this is skin cancer, you can’t always prevent it just by putting on some sunscreen. Biologically speaking, this can manifest itself anywhere the melanocytes exist, whether it’s in the skin, heart, mouth, or other tissues. That’s why the dentist does play a part in telling you about this, and how to prevent it.

Now, how does this actually help? Well, for starters, seeing a dentist and early detection is the key to actually overcoming any problems with this. The dentist can see what’s going on with your mouth, in a closer range, and if there is something going on there, he can tell you the best course of action.

There are a few signs and symptoms that are worth mentioning, such as frequent sore throats, difficulty chewing and swallowing, and white patches within the mouth. If you have any of these, see a doctor. Along with this, changes in the color, size, shape, and even the skin pigmentation of the neck should also prompt a visit to the doctor, and if you have any sorts of pigmentation issues, you should definitely go to see a doctor.

Now, at every appointment that you make, your dentist will look at the mouth and neck to check any changes in the tissue. You might not even know if it’s happening, but if you ever feel curious, talk to the dentist to discuss what is going on, and they can walk you through the appointment. Due to the ability to detect any sort of lesions early, oral cancer screening can save your life. There are other screening opportunities that use special devices to further aid in this, so you should definitely ask if your doctor has this, and if they don’t, have them recommend a physician that does supply this sort of thing. Remember, this can save your life.

Now, you might have thought up to this point that the dentist only looks at the teeth, but in truth, they’re looking at the full picture, the one that you’ve painted for yourself, such as the mouth and the neck. They’re there to help check for everything, and they can give you an oral cancer screening as well. They play a critical role in the detection and treatment of this, so definitely get that checkup whenever you can. You owe it to yourself to have these checkups, since they often are small, regular, but definitely can save our life, and help to reduce any anxiety that you might have on this. Do it for yourself, and you’ll be able to tell the difference in this right away. You’ll be happy to know when you do get this all sorted out, and you’ll be able to save your life.

If you haven’t seen your deNtist about this, you should definitely do so. They can help you out. They will tell you about what’s going on, and your dentist in Eagle Rock can tell you about any sorts of abnormalities that might be here, so you’ll be much happier as a result. You owe it to yourself to get detection on this early, so go see them in order to get a good idea of what’s happening.

The Link Between Oral Health and Happiness

There is a link between smiling, quality of life, and general happiness. This was put to the test during a recent study, and in the report, researchers found out that those adults that were actually healthy were overall highly satisfied with the way that they looked, and they tended to smile more in yearbook photos. Those in contrast reported low levels of happiness and satisfaction and it was seen that their oral health was worse, and that they were serious and stoic in their high school photos. The results of this further promoted that these that smiled regularly, along with oral health care, tended to have feelings of happiness over time.

The connection was seen not just in those that graduated high school, but also in young adults. In a study, researchers noticed that there was a stronger correlation between gum health and overall life satisfaction. While those with great gum health had high levels of satisfaction and happiness, those that demonstrated poor gum health felt feelings of unhappiness and satisfaction. This observed both the brushing and check up habits, and this also suggested the trend. Those students that did regular brushing and checkups tended to have higher levels of happiness in comparison to those that didn’t brush enough, or didn’t see a dentist.

But, it also affects the overall microbiome as well. gut bacteria is pretty bad, but also good in a way. However, most of the time people think that germs are bad, but they’re a part of us. Typically, you have to look at the bacteria in your gut to see the overall health of your body. If you look at the bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, it accounts for roughly five pounds, which is the weight of your brain. Research has indicated that overall happiness and health does require the adaption of healthy GI bacteria in the body, and if you have a healthy GI tract, you’ll have a much happier life, and your gut-brain access will be happier as well. you’ll feel better if your gut is actually healthy.

Of course, if you actually look at this, you’ll notice that the gut has a physical affect on the body, and the oral cavity is a part of this. It actually has been studied and seen that a certain gut bacterium can prevent cavities, showing that there is a connection between this tract and overall oral health. We can see from this that overall happiness and oral health come from a balanced GI tract, so you want this to be blanked out.

But how do you do that? Well, there are a few things that you can do to help adjust your lifestyle and feel better, improving your overall health, happiness, and moods. The first, is you brush and floss on the daily. Do this, avoiding alcohol rich mouth rinses, and also see the dentist. You should make sure that you do see the dentist, since they can manage the conditions if you do get diagnosed early. Stay up to date with checkups. You should go in every 6 months, or more if needed.

You need to eat well. this means a well balanced diet. If you have a lot of sugar, start to reduce this, and consider going low carb. If you do this, you’ll reduce the risk of diabetes, obesity, tooth decay, and oral infections now, and later in life.

Finally, you should start to reduce stress. This is what will weaken your immune system and it will trigger the short sighted reward systems, such as sugar and carb cravings, which can take a toll on your oral health, so make sure to de-stress every single day. If you do reduce your stress, you will notice that you feel better, and that there are a lot of things that you can do in order to help with this.

With this, you want to just take care of yourself. You owe it to yourself to have the best oral health possible, and it’s something that you should always consider. Do take the time to improve your life in an overall sense, and from general health viewpoint too.


How can you Maintain Tooth Enamel?

Though the tooth enamel is considered one of the strongest substance of the human body, however, the abuse of this layer can cause it to worn out or damage in the long run. Therefore, it is good to work on the maintenance of the layer rather than being careless about it. To put simply, the teeth are subjected to all kinds of harmful chemicals in form of processed food items, especially when it comes to sweet products. Hence, if you are one of those who is suffering from damaged tooth enamel or if you are afraid of the negative consequences of your food habits or if you want to go for teeth whitening, it is best to follow the preventive tips.

Enamel Loss

Before getting to the part about prevention of enamel decay and tooth whitening, it is important to know that what is meant by the enamel loss. To begin with, the enamel of the tooth is the protective layer present on the outer side of the teeth and the main purpose is to safeguard the softer and more sensitive layers or parts of the tooth. But the problem is that if people have bad eating habits in terms of overusing the sugar and citric fruits or starch, the layer of enamel is likely to get affected by it. This is why it is recommended by the Eugene dentist that brushing should not be taken lightly and if your routine allows you to, you can floss your teeth twice a day to prevent the enamel damage. Moreover, the negative implication of chipped tooth can also enhance the chances of damage to the enamel. In addition, the role of teeth clenching and grinding will aggravate the process of harm to the teeth and ultimately your teeth may get pale.

 Symptoms of Enamel Loss

If you notice discoloration of your teeth in general or if you feel sensitivity to cold or hot beverages, it may mean that your teeth are prone to the loss of enamel. The first step is to stop having any substance or food which is contributing to the damage of your teeth. The second step is to consult your dentist in order to take the necessary step to stop any further harm. Though it is not directly related, however, if you notice frequent infections or bad odor in your mouth, it may also indicate your negligence or bad hygiene habits. In addition, if your tooth is showing the signs of damage or sharp pain in the teeth or in the bottom of your tooth, it may also mean that the germs or infections have gotten through the protective layer of your tooth.

Alternative Options

It is important to note that if your enamel has been lost, you may not be able to recover it. Therefore, if you feel the symptoms of loss or unusual signs, you should try to contain the problem by controlling your eating habits and taking the right medication or avoiding the harmful food or drinks. For example, remineralization is one of the options that may help to restore the level of minerals responsible for making your enamel stronger or stopping it from additional damage.

Moreover, fluoride is one of the options that can add to the strength of your enamel, so you can choose those tubes of toothpaste which is high in fluoride or tooth friendly chemicals, as the main function of fluoride is to act as the cushion between the teeth and harmful chemicals present in our food. For example, acid and sugar in different forms are one of the preventive measures. In simple words, if you have already lost the enamel layer on the teeth, your teeth will accumulate all the sticky substances present in the food and drinks, which will eventually rot your teeth or destroy them in terms of fading the natural whiteness.

Similarly, breakage or brittleness is another side effect of the broken or weak enamel on your teeth. As a result, the infections will make home in your mouth in addition to disturbing your oral hygiene. This is why artificial teeth are installed to prevent the germs or infections from spreading in your root canal.

Preventive Measures

Though it sounds simple, however, brushing with a good toothpaste and use of floss every day are few of the most effective ways to control your damage of the enamel. Similarly, if you use mouthwash, it can also play a role in reducing the level of bacteria in your mouth in addition to delaying the loss of enamel. Furthermore, people tend to underestimate the value of dental visits, however, it has been noticed that all those who visit the dentist after few months, the loss of enamel is reduced in addition to maintaining the teeth in good health. Additionally, some of the people prefer that they go to the specialist who can cure the problems specifically related to the enamel.

Maintain Tooth Enamel

Prefer Greens in Food

Although green vegetables are a good source of fiber, however, if you add them in your diet on the weekly basis, it would decrease the chances of getting infections and tooth damage, as vegetables are easy to grind and some of the types have good substance for the tooth in general. In the same way, it is best to avoid processed food, especially those options which are full of starch or sugar. According to the experts, the artificial sugar is probably one of the leading causes of tooth damage and the myriad of diseases. In other words, the best food habits and small changes in your diet can prevent the enamel from breakage.

To conclude, the key is to focus on the precautionary measure rather than waiting for the things to get worse because if your enamel is lost once, there are fewer options to restore it or go for alternatives, on the other hand, if you take preventive step and follow the advice of your dentist, the likelihood of getting oral infections, hassle of root canal and enamel loss can be delayed or prevented to large extent.